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Welcome to An Art Affair,

This website is about talent and dreams in the pursuit of human potential,
for anyone who wants to avail themselves to it.
It needs to be self supporting but not at such a cost to exclude emerging talent.

Discover a new you.
Not knowing a better way ...Why wait for opportunities to come to you? 
Be in a hurry.  Rush head long towards them with committed intention and action.
Let go of rigid ideas of who you are.
Do not believe you need to sacrifice your personal happiness to contribute to the greater good.
Take the risk of taking action toward achieving success. Get specific about how to bring about visionary ideas into reality. Make a plan and break it down into small steps. 

We want people to be appreciated for the unique talents each of us bring to a situation.
We want to show case that.
We hope to be an inspiration to others by living our dreams.
That is our mission.

We have let go of needing to know the outcome and are just enjoying the ride.
We expect it to be an amazing journey!

This is your invitation to join in.

              .....You'll love what you find there!

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