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Second Show
23 December 2007 (Archived)

  Some of Our Talented Friends
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Jane Cooper: Artist Statement
 PG 1 Those eyes

Portrait of TimTitle 
 Renaissance Rob
Barbara Love Newport
    10 Against the Wall 
 4Baby Blues  Elegance  Loki  page 1 Eagle
 Glacier Bluejpg  Yosemite Falls Giovanna  Know your Pears 
 6Beyond the Sunset Beneath My Wing  Bird of Prey  Under the Radar 
 71 unique copper  WarriorIIWovenCopper copper hourse I  Prayer Shield 
 8NEW 1PG bamboo sherbert  Black Beetle Chun Red Bowl  Kuba Platter 
 9pg 1 Covered Bridge Ohio Landscape  Tuolumne River  Sunsey Hawaii 
 10Flash vessel a   touch me softly vessel 4 
abeth Cornell 11 2beth Cornell   3beth Cornell 4